Supereme Physio Solution

Benefits of Franchisee

MARKET VALUE (PERFECT PHYSIO CARE is a leading name in market)
SAVINGS OF OTHER EXPENSIVES (company reg. / website, expensive on maintenance of standard)
MARKETING (marketing at national level by other branches through camps, pumplate etc. )
MANAGEMENT / GUIDANCE ( guidance to success the centre and help to maintain business )
QUALITY MANAGEMENT (provide those certificates which is known by all. i.e ISO 9001-2008 etc.)
LEGALITIES (help to complete all legal documents and liabilities of franchisee for others)
TRAININGS (provide training for staff to run the centre, teach all new techniques and teach how to generate revenue )
UNIQUE SERVICES (company will provide all information of new services of company which is not used by any one)
STANDARD QUALITY OF MODALITIES (company will provide result base modalities of international standards )
MEDICAL (one year medical insurance for staff upto 1 lac. )
INDEMNITY CLAIM (company will bear claim imposed by patient upto 10 lac due to negligence made by staff )
SETUP INSURANCE (company will provide one year insurance all the modalities to prevent theft.)
ONLINE SOFTWARE ( all branches are centralized by online patients entry/ payments and conformation by sms)


Term and conditions

1. The franchiser agreed to issue franchisee to run a local business.
2. The franchiser reserves the right of amending, including or excluding the terms and condition as laid down in this agreement, in order to ensure smooth and objective operations of SUPREME PHYSIO SOLUTIONS INDIA (P) LTD.
3. To ensure that the construction and the interiors of the CENTRE are done as per the standards as decided by franchiser.
4. To hire qualified and experienced operator to run the centre as per eligibility criteria fixed by the franchiser and to appoint a responsible person from time to time to act as incharge of the services.
5. That the franchisee will provide complete documentation of staff before the joining.
6. To obtain all registration, situatory permission, clearances as shall be required to set up and run the centre from time to time at his own cost.
7. To render only those services and vend only those items as are authorized by the franchiser from time to time and not to undertake any other activity at centre.
8. To make suitable deposits, wherever necessary to provide new services.
9. To not to transfer the license under this agreement.
10. To strictly follow and adhere to the process of delivery of services and maintenance the records, etc as per specified by the franchiser.
11. To agree to pay additional amounts towards license fee in future depending upon the growth of additional services on mutually agreed terms.
12. To permit the franchiser and any person authorized by the franchiser at all reasonable times, to visit any premises from which the franchisee administers the supply or the services for the purpose of checking the quality of services being supplied and the manner in which the services is being carried on inspecting and verifying all the documents and records relating to the business carried on at the centre.
13. To verify the financials and cash on hand and of inspecting the equipment being used in connection with the services.
14. To maintain proper books of accounts as directed by the franchiser and shall make those available to the franchiser and any authorized by it at such times franchiser may reasonably require for the purpose of inspecting the same.
15. Not to use / disclose the know how for any purpose of the license to the third parties.
16. Ensure that only the equipment specified by the franchiser are used in the services.
17. Franchisee will not use the name or logo of PERFECT PHYSIO CARE for any personal gain or business.
18. franchisee agrees to the fact that franchiser has the right to cancel the agreement without assigning any reason what so ever by giving 30 days notice to the franchisee.
19. Franchisee agrees not to make any claim against the franchiser for recovering any occurred or incurred tangible or intangible damages, losses etc.
20. The franchiser reserves exclusive right to renew/extend the contract beyond this tenure.
21. Franchiser has the exclusive right to cancel this agreement.
22. Upon termination of this agreement for whatever the reason the franchisee shall cease to operate conduct exploit and use the services, intellectual property rights and trade mark of franchiser.
23. To pay minimal fee as franchisee fee(ONE TIME- NON REFUNDABLE) which also includes cost of training, consultancy for site preparation, site inspection, establishing feasibility and viability of the company & cost of documentation etc.
24. That franchise fee/ share shall be sent to company on time if the payment not received on time than company shall have right to terminate this agreement immediately.
25. During the term of contract, the franchiser and franchise shall share the gross revenue on percentages basis, the revenue will be shared by the franchisee and franchiser, minimum share of the franchisor would be 05% of gross revenue per month as royalty.
26. The franchisee will make the statement of his sharing and reimburse the same on the terms of revenue sharing on monthly basis.
27. Franchisee will arrange all clinical furniture such as examination bed, all interior designs etc.
28. Failure by franchisee to comply with one or more of the terms and condition of this agreement shall render said agreement subject to termination by company at letter’s option.
29. This agreement shall be valid for one year, the agreement shall thereafter be manually renew on annual basis unless, either party shall have given not less than 90 days notice prior to the end of any year of its intention not to renew the agreement.
30. That date should be the date of signature if the parties sign different dates, it should be the date of last signature.
31. It may be that only some of the terms are confidential.
32. That any claim, dispute or proceeding resulting from or arising in connection with any death, personal injury or damage to property comply with franchise. 33. In case of any liability arise due to negligence or due to any other lack of knowledge or so the franchisee will be solely responsible for the same and will bear the monitory loss if arises including the legal consequences.
34. That franchisee shall pay on its own , other expenses necessary to operate and run the physiotherapy services including electricity , water, telephones, housekeeping, technicians, wages and promotional expenses etc.
35. franchisee will pay any kind of taxes like sale tax, service tax. etc. if applicable by state or central govt.
36. The agreement shall be private and confidential and the parties hereto shall not disclose or divulge the contents here of any third party(except as required under law and to their professional advisor/ auditors and the like) except with the written consent of the franchisor.
37. That upon the dissolution between franchisee and franchiser in any even not here in after provided for the franchise of supreme physio solutions india pvt. ltd., The assets, goodwill and liabilities thereof should absolutely on the franchisor and mutually decided by the franchiser.
38. All legal disputes that may arise in this agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of judicature in delhi, if any of the provision of this agreement are held to be void or inoperative by law, the remaining provision of this agreement shall be operative.

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