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Slimming Programe

Slimming program is a unique art which is done by professionals with safe results without any side effects and without any cosmetic surgery. our well qualified experienced professionals which include physiotherapists ,dietician, slimming specialists, physical education experts and medical doctors are plan individual and customize slimming program according to each clients need. No single treatment can solve your overweight problem but in our slimming system we deliver simple, highly effected loose weight program with team efforts.


1. Body composition analysis:

we design individual weight loss program base on clients body fat percentage. lean weight body mass index basal metabolic rate and inches.

2. Diet: :

Modification of food habit, we never support anti obesity drugs, Appetite suppressants. we deliver easily acceptable diet plans which is prepared by our qualified dieticians for individual clients according to their need.

3. Physical activity:

We encourage weight reduction by physical activities done by the client it could be aerobics, cycling or walking, treadmills and therapeutic exercises which are advised by our experts. we are using scientifically proven appliances.

4. lifestyle modification:

That is essential for reducing and maintaining the weight we are giving special guidance to the client in their diet, eating habits, activity level and behavior.

5. Electrical stimulation:

we are using nature friendly weight reducing modalities these modalities are working on the principal of natural function of muscles.


No appetite suppressant and anti obesity drug
Targeted inch loss quickly and easily.
Reduction of cloth size within a course of session.
Suitable for man and woman
say goodbye to unwanted bulges from waist ,tummy, thigh, hip ,arms.
Weight loss,
Body shaping
Cellulite control therapies.
Skin tightening,
Vacuum therapy.

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