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Physiotherapy - An Introducation

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore proper functioning to the body in the care of permanent disease or injury, the aim is to reduce the impact of dysfunction. Physiotherapy is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of condition often involving the muscle, bone and joint. Our primary focus is to restore function and improve your quality of life through caring, skillful and personalized application of exemplary physiotherapy. We put our client first and focus on their need. We respect our client’s opinions and look for their feedback to improve all aspects of our services. We believe strongly in high quality care so our clients only be attended only by qualified physiotherapy during their entire physiotherapy treatment session. We focus primarily on manual and manipulative therapy and strong clinical reasoning to the get to the root of patient’s problems. We work closely with physician, orthopedic surgeon and neurologist.

Personalized Treatment

As every injury is different, this can only ever be a starting point. We give specific professional guidance on the best way to manage your particular injury.

Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic offer massage, and clinical Pilates in Hertfordshire. We believe that motivation and enthusiasm are essential ingredients to help you.

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